How 2023 went for Gigibee Beauty

Before we are already entering the second month of 2024 (yikes, it’s going that fast yes) we want to take one last moment to look back and recap the year of Gigibee 2023, because WOW, what a year it’s been!

In January we started the year off strong by releasing our most-loved Blossom half-lashes. They are fluffy, light-weight, plant-based and so much more. Gigibee Beauty originally started off selling only numerous kinds of lashes. After having a taste of this market and seeing what people loved most in our product range we kept the style we believed in most!

In March we flew to Italy to further strengthen our bonds with the back-end of the makeup industry. When we do something, we want to do it good.. like, really good. This is why we work endlessly behind the scenes to give you the best experience & products possible.

In April we officially moved out of our second office! (well the first "office" was just our bedroom). We made amazing memories for exactly 2 years at that office. lots of ups & downs and we're proud to move on to our next space.

This was also the month that Gigibee made an appearance in Vogue, which was super exciting for us!

Some months you're just working with no ends in sight.. well, February, May & June were definitely those months for us. There are always 101 things going on, and they somehow all happen constantly at the same time?! Next to our regular working schedule we were also working on our new office space.

July was big for Gigibee. Not only did we finally transition into our new office, but we officially released our first makeup product.. make that 2. Please welcome the Candid cat eye palette & hive hopes brush set. Such 2 icons when we look back now ;)

We released these 2 products on the birthday of our co-founder Gelano Fijten. It was such a nice launch & super busy month overall!

In August we launched our amazing Gigibee blending sponge. We feel like this was such a small "side" product that made a bigger impact on us than we thought, all thanks to you! We love you blending sponge x


In November, we received the bronze award from Pure Beauty Awards London for "best lip product of 2023". 


In total we released 6 new products in 2023. Every product has made such a big impact and we are totally in awe of the love we've received. This is all thanks to you! We make sure to keep giving back in all sorts of ways. Make sure to stay on top of our socials & mailing list!


We welcomed a lot of new people into our community. On all of our socials alone we gained over 30k+ followers, all organic!

to close the year, we were awarded with best beauty brand Netherlands 2023 by Luxlife in December. 


We love our community and we want to get even closer with every single one of you. Stay tuned!

We also have an amazing lineup of topics we want to tackle here on our Gigibee blog, so be ready 2024!

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