gigibeebeauty about us vegan cruelty free lip oil lashes Giorgina Juanita

 About Gigibee Beauty

I was inspired to create Gigibee Beauty after years of my experience working with the best brands in the industry but I still noticed a lot of vegan brands that didn’t deliver the quality standards I was looking for. After years of developing, my dream became reality and I am so excited to share this journey with you. 

Gigibee Beauty is proof that you can deliver high-quality beauty products while keeping animals' rights in mind, as there is no beauty in hurting and exploiting animals. I am proud to say that all of our products are 100% vegan and PETA certified cruelty-free. Our formulas don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. 

At Gigibee Beauty we care about our products, our customers and the planet. We listen, adapt and will always be 100% transparant with our customers. For us, our packaging has become as important as the product inside. Our product packaging is 100% recyclable. We also ship out your orders in biodegradable, plastic-free, compostable boxes and mailers. This makes Gigibee Beauty one of the first beauty brands to act very conscious with every decision we make and consider all possibilities with the steps we take into the future, long-term & short-term.

All of our products are designed for all skin types and skin tones making it possible for everyone to express their beauty and uniqueness. Remember that beauty is not created from the outside, it is already in all of us. 

With Gigibee Beauty I want to unite and create a community of visionaries that are the leaders of the future. I am so proud of the brand, our products and our mission. I can’t wait to keep sharing this with every single one of you.


Giorgina and The Gigibee Beauty Team